Professional Development in Recruitment

Professional Development in Recruitment

What professional development can you expect from a career within Recruitment?

Receiving your offer in recruitment is a whirlwind of emotions, you may be feeling excited, motivated, proud and nervous but either way, you are going to feel glad you have impressed a recruiter!

So you have begun your search, it’s all very new and shiny and you will be asking yourself; what’s the best package I can get? Who offers the best commission structure? What awards have they won? What is the culture like?

But if I could offer any advice to anyone joining recruitment, the biggest question should be, “what personal development can this company offer me and how will this be beneficial to me in the future?”


Which skills will I develop within recruitment?

 Resilience – from the cold-calling, lead generation and persuasion throughout the process, you will gain very strong resilience and be able to overcome most obstacles in life.

 Business development: In a very interpersonal sales role, you will be developing business with high caliber clients, you will learn the process and shadow exceptional recruiters to create your own flair.

Teamwork: Whilst most of recruiting is building your own desk, you will also be working in a very collaborative environment and supporting others within your team for joint success. You also work as a team with your clients to fulfill their needs.

Leadership: You will be leading the full 360 process within your third month, this will give you undeniable skills to assist in decisions, handle obstacles and help your team around you.

Sales: Recruitment is an interpersonal sales role and you will be controlling a full sales lifecycle from the very first pitch, negotiations and closing.

Negotiation: You will be negotiating salaries to find a suitable price for both parties in the process, you will become an expert in your field and offer advice to assist in these negotiations based on the market.

Nurturing these above skills is beneficial to hitting your targets, earning high commission and really becoming successful within this field, therefore you will notice that these skills will be picked up very early on in a recruiters career and this will explain why many recruiters go off to begin their own companies manage/lead teams in future.

Above all,  the most valuable skills you will gain is the ability to work under pressure, handle objections and always puts in 110%, this is what will really make you successful! 


What progression can new recruiters expect?

Recruitment offers the most autonomous working environment for a non-experienced and/or experienced employees.  

You will be learning leadership skills within your third month and trusted for the hiring process from quirky small startups to international companies.

It’s all down to your drive, determination and work ethic and you can progress to management in as short as 18months!


So, what can you expect from your second year?

Your first year is all about learning and nurturing the basic skills of recruitment, however now that you’ve mastered your this you can really begin to see progression and financial gain.

In your second year, you can expect to take home realistic earnings of a whopping £60,000-£80,000 per annum.

Why is the second year so great? Well this is when you really gain confidence and master the process of recruitment. You work both smarter and harder than before which results in doubling your income.


If this sounds like the ideal path for you…

Well if you are driven by the thought of becoming successful both financially and in career development, then recruitment could definitely be the avenue for you! I must reiterate that in recruitment, you have to stand out against the crowd and be both driven with a strong work ethic, the path won’t be easy but you will be successful if you really put your mind to it…


Ps. If you are interested in a career in recruitment then I am happy to offer advice so please pop me a message!

Good luck in your search!

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