What Keeps Us Challenging Ourselves

What Keeps Us Challenging Ourselves

This is Premier Group 

 Companies are facing many challenges when it comes to recruitment decisions, they need allies that will be there to meet their expectations - this ally is Premier Group. We define ourselves as a bespoke recruiting agency with a wealth of experience, our passion is to build strong teams. We believe in the power of specialised recruiting services, and with this, we are always pushing ourselves to be more accurate, precise, and effective. 


This is how we do things

 As a recruiter, we are like the therapist for each of our clients. We walk alongside them at every step of the process, which has a positive effect on results as we have valuable insight and can make a real impact for our clients, by making the hiring process as smooth and efficient as possible. 

We focus on delivering a comprehensive recruitment solution for companies in the IT, engineering, and digital sectors - building strong teams with extremely talented people for them. We stand out from the crowd because of our results and innovative spirit! We are confident about our candidates - it’s no coincidence that we have a 92% retention rate.


We find inspiration between us, our people. 

 Recruitment can be a hard, stressful, and tough industry; you need to have motivation and energy to keep climbing.  We find that inspiration between us, our people. 

To find the best candidates for our clients, we need to have the best talent in order to deliver top results. Our talented employees are what gives Premier’s environment a sense of belonging - this helps to continue to grow our teams. 

We believe in the power and success of our recruiters. Our passion is to keep pushing them to achieve their goals - both professional and personal. We are proudly the type of organisation that celebrates one’s achievements, and we show recognition for every small success that leads to our employees' overall goals.

We work within an environment where everyone feels motivated, surrounded by a young and positive spirit. Incentives come at every step of the way to keep the excitement and motivation for everyone.

We are proud that our talent chooses and stays at Premier because of the great environment we have as an agency. Some define it as a “blend of professionalism and also having fun”. The vibe is what captures our recruiters’ attention. It’s not a coincidence that we have won “The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For” for 8 years in a row!


To be the best at what we do 

 Our people have been building Premier’s path over the years to reach our first 20 years. Each year we keep pushing ourselves into a stronger, better, and more powerful organisation. 

We work within fast-growing industries and in order to achieve our goals, we must match their pace and mindset. In order to innovate in our daily work, we need to have the best expertise in the industry. As recruiting is evolving every day, we need to be on top of the latest trends for our clients, improving our teams at every step of the way. We are committed to supporting our teams with strong training programs, where they can refine their skills. 

It's not just this expertise that is important to continue our success. During the last year, we’ve been transitioning into a more flexible agency which has impacted the way the people work and perceive our organisation. 

We are looking to improve the experience for our candidates, for our companies, and our recruiters. This will help us deliver a faster and optimised process, being able to adapt to new challenges in the industries we work in.

Our message is clear and loud: we will keep pushing ourselves to become a stronger company, and 2020 is going to be the year that defines us as a disruptive and bold agency.

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