From Sporting Elite to Top Biller - Verity Pratt

From Sporting Elite to Top Biller - Verity Pratt

​We spoke with our Lead Consultant Verity about her decision to leave her sporting career and join the world of recruitment.

What’s your background? 

I used to swim competitively 


Why did you want to kick-start your career in Recruitment?

I unfortunately had to give up swimming due to a shoulder injury! From my swimming career I developed a love for sport & science so I decided to go to University in Liverpool & study sports science (but didn’t know what I wanted to do!) I thought about a few options but ultimately I always knew I wanted to make some serious cash. I then came across recruitment and never looked back


How did you find the transition? 

I used to swim 9 times a week morning & night with studying in-between! So when I was presented with “long hours” it was very easy to transition. In addition, having to have the self-motivation & drive to do well and to work hard to achieve results was something I was used to. Swimming is such an individual sport so the harder you work, the better the results! Very much like recruitment.


What would you put your success down to?

As mentioned before, when doing any sport, the harder you work/train/believe/motivate, the bigger and better the results, which is similar to recruitment. Unfortunately, recruitment isn’t easy! When you are in a final for a race, and you miss the gold by 0.01 seconds, miss a PB, miss a time you needed to achieve (or anything like that!) It can be exactly the same feeling in recruitment. It could be that your candidate was 2nd choice, they quit or got fired one week before rebates or you missed out on hitting target by $50! That feeling can be devastating – but it takes a certain individual to understand how to overcome that, and be smarter, faster, wiser and better the next time. I am grateful for what being an athlete has taught me, and I have learned to apply my knowledge to my working career here at Premier which is why I feel I have been able to keep on going and progressing each year and not settling for anything less than success.


What advice could you give to someone in a similar situation?

Never give up on your goals or vision no matter how tough it can get. To have fun, enjoy yourself and do the best & most to your ability! A career in recruitment is fantastic, especially one at Premier

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