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We are a dedicated engineering recruitment agency led by a team of dedicated recruitment consultants.  We connect candidates with a range of engineering roles across the UK.

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We represent thousands of roles in the biggest Engineering firms across the UK including roles in the emerging Green Engineering sector. We are an Engineering Recruitment Agency at the forefront of Engineering innovations.

We stay up to date with changes and new trends in the industry. We believe this gives our recruiters the ammunition to communicate effectively and have relevant conversions with candidates and hiring organisations. With our experience and knowledge in Engineering Recruitment, we find the right matches for our clients.

Recruitment Opportunities

View our roles in our Engineering Staffing and Recruitment Job Board. We add new roles each week covering a range of disciplines and responsibilities across the engineering sector. 

We also provide contact information for our recruitment consultants to start the conversion and to provide you with any support.

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Our Engineering Recruitment Consultants can be contacted to discuss any role to learn more about requirements and salary information. We want to give you the best experience with Premier Group.

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Supply Chain and Procurement

Building Services and Maintenance

Experienced Engineering Recruitment Consultants

In the dynamic realm of engineering, a specialized engineering recruitment agency is a beacon for both employers and candidates. Dedicated expertise is important, as agencies dedicated solely to the engineering sector possess an intricate understanding of its nuances.

This translates to a more efficient match-making process, where industry-specific skills are accurately identified and matched with the right opportunities. Our dedicated engineering recruitment agency can introduce candidates to the most well-matched opportunities in a fast-paced sector.

Employers benefit from streamlined searches, tapping into a pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates. Our recruitment specialists with backgrounds in the engineering recruitment sector have worked with thousands of professionals from building firms in local communities to space aircraft manufacturing.

Simultaneously, engineers looking for their next career leap find tailored guidance and access to exclusive opportunities. Working with our specialist Engineering recruiters will enable you to draw from your own skills to meet the requirements of your ideal career.

A specialized engineering recruitment agency doesn't just connect professionals; it engineers success.


Recruitment Experts

Premier Engineering recruitment is made up of consultants with years of experience in engineering.

We have a robust internal training and development course for all employees to ensure we can meet the demands of our engineering candidates and clients.

In this constantly evolving sector, our consultants spend hours each week learning about new industry trends and developments.

Talent Acquisition

Our Engineering recruitment success is owed to our large network of engineering talent and professionals across the UK. 

We source engineering talent across a range of experience and skill levels from junior graduates through to senior leadership management roles.

Our recruiters actively seek out and connect with professionals. This enables us to match more candidates to our clients' engineering roles.

Dedicated Service

We work exclusively on engineering roles tapping into a pool of talent with niche skills and industry-specific knowledge

Clients are connected with candidates possessing not only the technical prowess required but also a profound understanding of the unique challenges within the engineering landscape.

As a dedicated engineering recruitment agency, we become a strategic partner.

Engineering Staffing

Our Engineering staffing is a comprehensive service going beyond recruitment by also managing and retaining employees for our clients. We offer a number of recruitment solutions related to managing and maintaining a workforce.

The 4 main Engineering staffing services we offer are Contingency Recruitment, Retained Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Programme and Contractor Care

With our staffing services, we look at the entire lifecycle of an employee within an organization, from recruitment and onboarding to ongoing development and retention strategies.

Engineering Staffing involves placing the right people in the right roles, handling workforce planning, and addressing ongoing talent needs within an organization.


Engineering Sectors

Our Engineering division is broken down into sub-sectors for further focus. We cover roles in Manufacturing including Design Engineering, Projects, and Maintenance roles. Additionally, we cover Architecture and Building Design, Supply Chain, and Procurement.

By being sub-sector specialists, we can connect with the best talent in the market. Candidates want to work with a recruitment agency that understands the market and is able to identify and prepare their skills.

Our deep understanding of Engineering is what sets us apart from other recruiters.  It distinguishes Premier Engineering's premier service.


Engineering Recruitment

Electrical engineering recruitment is a strategic process connecting top-tier talent with cutting-edge opportunities. Our specialized consultants understand the nuances of this dynamic field, ensuring a seamless match between skilled professionals and companies driving innovation.

From electrical machinery in power systems to electronics in electric cars, our recruiters navigate this complex landscape. Together we hope to empower the growth of tomorrow's technological advancements.


Computer Engineering Recruitment

Computer engineering recruitment pioneers the leading edge of talent and tech evolution.

Our specialized recruitment consultants adeptly navigate the digital terrain, linking skilled engineering professionals with forward-thinking companies.

From software development to hardware design, we streamline the hiring process, catalyzing the synergy that propels the ever-expanding frontiers of computer engineering.

Software Engineering Recruitment

Computer software engineering recruitment is the heartbeat of tech evolution.

Our dedicated recruitment consultants manage talent and innovation, connecting adept coders with companies pushing digital boundaries.

From algorithm maestros to UI/UX wizards, we ensure perfect harmony, propelling the software engineering realm forward and shaping the digital landscape of the future.

Mechanical Engineering Recruitment

Mechanical engineering recruitment is the engine powering industrial evolution.

Premier Engineering plays the role of matchmaker, connecting skilled professionals with companies driving innovation in machinery, manufacturing, and beyond.

From precision design to sustainable solutions, our recruiters ensure the right talent propels the field forward, shaping the future of how we build, create, and engineer.


Manufacturing Engineering Recruitment

Premier Engineering excels in manufacturing engineering recruitment, curating a talent pool that powers industrial advancement.

With a focus on precision and efficiency, our recruitment consultants navigate the complex landscape of manufacturing, ensuring the perfect alignment of skills and opportunities.

Trust us to drive innovation in the heart of the industry, shaping the future of manufacturing.

Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE) Sector Recruitment

In the dynamic realm of Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE), Premier Engineering plays a pivotal role in uniting diverse talents.

Our dedicated Recruitment consultants can navigate the intersection of various engineering disciplines, linking professionals who thrive at the crossroads of innovation.

Whether it's integrating robotics with biotechnology or merging materials science with data analytics, our IDE Recruitment consultants foster a collaborative workforce. 


Supply Chain Recruitment


In the dynamic landscape of supply chain management, finding the right talent is key. Supply chain engineering recruitment bridges the gap between demand and expertise, ensuring a seamless flow of skilled professionals into the industry.

From optimizing logistics to enhancing operational efficiency, these recruits play a vital role in propelling supply chains forward.

Stay ahead by investing in the right minds that keep the gears of commerce turning.

Building Services Recruitment

In the realm of construction, the foundation for success lies in skilled individuals driving building services engineering.

Recruitment in this field ensures the assembly of teams versed in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Elevate your projects by securing professionals who design, implement, and maintain the backbone of structural functionality. Unlock the potential of your buildings with a workforce dedicated to excellence in building services engineering.

Client Projects

For over 20 years, we have assisted engineering and manufacturing businesses in expanding multi-disciplinary teams.

We help organisations take concepts and designs through to reality by successfully delivering projects from start to finish.


Premier Engineering

Premier Engineering recruitment is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. It is embedded into our work culture to respect and appreciate the differences in all people from around the world.

The most successful teams in business, recruitment, and sports are built from a mixture of individuals each bringing their own unique talents to collectively reach team objectives.

Each of our engineering recruitment consultants is empowered with confidence in their skills allowing them to perform at their best levels for candidates and clients.

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