Contingency Recruitment

Pay for your recruitment services only after you have successfully found the talent you need.

Contingency recruitment

We offer straightforward recruitment solutions to find candidates for the open roles within your business. With our contingency recruitment model, the business pays for a complete hiring process only once a role has been filled.

In this model, the payment is contingent on discovering a candidate and filling the open position. At Premier Group we collect a fee from our clients at the end of the hiring process.  Our service is to ensure suitable candidates are discovered and selected through the client's recruitment process.

Working alongside clients with contingent recruitment, we provide the support needed to find the best candidates. Our expertise in recruitment saves time for clients by focusing on their business objectives. With our recruitment technology and expert consultants, we can deliver a recruitment process with great results.

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Why Choose Contingency Recruitment?

Contingency recruitment, or contingent recruitment, is distinct from other types of recruitment services, such as retained search and exclusive search, in several key ways.

What makes contingency recruitment unique is primarily the fee structure, the type of roles it typically targets, and the level of risk and commitment involved.

Here are the key differences:

Fee Structure: In a contingency recruitment model, we invoice only when we successfully place a candidate in your team. If no candidate is hired, there is no fee. Our "no placement, no fee" structure is one of the defining characteristics of Premier Group contingency recruitment.

Role Types: Contingency recruitment is primarily across a wide range of roles typically entry to mid-level. These roles often involve a high volume of job openings, such as sales representatives, customer service agents, administrative assistants, and other positions with relatively lower complexity.

Speed and Flexibility: Contingency recruitment services are offered to our clients when speed and flexibility are paramount. The focus is on quickly filling positions, and our process is adaptable to your immediate hiring needs.

Risk and Commitment: Our clients bear lower financial risk in a contingency recruitment model because you only pay a fee if you choose to hire a candidate we deliver. There is less commitment involved in the early stages of the recruitment process.

We understand that in contingency recruitment, we may be competing with multiple recruitment agencies or recruiters may be working on the same job.

For this reason, we strive to build relationships with our clients. In contrast, our retained search service involves a deeper and more committed partnership. 

Contingency Recruitment Process

Our contingency recruitment process involves several steps to identify and place suitable candidates.

Client Consultation: We start the process with a client consultation. During this discussion, we build a detailed description of the job positions needing to be filled. This will include requirements such as qualifications and other skills. 

Candidate Sourcing: Our primary responsibility is to identify and source potential candidates who match the qualifications and skills needed for the job openings. Our consultants each have extensive networks and databases of job seekers. We leverage them to find suitable candidates.

Screening and Evaluation: We evaluate and screen candidates to ensure they possess the skills, experience, and cultural fit for our clients. This process includes conducting interviews, assessments, and reference/background verifications.

Presentation of Candidates:  Once we have identified recommended candidates, our recruitment consultants present them to the client. The client then decides whether to proceed with interviews and further evaluations.

Client Engagement: We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the hiring process. We provide guidance on interview strategies, compensation negotiation, and other aspects of the hiring process.

Job Offer and Negotiation: If a client decides to hire a candidate we have presented, at the request of the client, we assist in negotiations related to salary, benefits, and other employment terms.

Placement and Onboarding: Once an offer is accepted, the candidate becomes an employee of the client. This is typically where invoicing and payment is completed.

Premier Service

Our team of specialist recruitment consultants are highly effective because at Premier Group we are passionate about people. As a recruitment agency, we are always excited about each stage of the recruitment process and we stay committed throughout until we fill the roles with candidates of the highest quality. It can be a long journey to find and qualify a candidate for a role within a business.


We build strong relationships with our clients to improve our communication. It is the role of a client to understand their business needs and the requirements of their open roles. As a contingent recruitment agency, we know how the convert those needs into an effective recruitment plan freeing up valuable resources for our clients, allowing them to focus on their business.


With our contingency recruitment service, we will often work alongside our clients' own HR department providing additional support in competitive markets. We know that to find the best candidates, clients will want to use all possible methods available.


We give clients the flexibility to allow their own HR departments and hiring managers to source candidates directly, while we use our own recruitment specialists to complement the search. In a competitive jobs market our contingency recruitment model gives clients more freedom without paying additional upfront fees that may not lead to an eventual hire.