Contractor Care

With our Contractor Care management solution, we handle everything from onboarding to payroll for all your contractor hires.

Contractor Care is good for business

At Premier Group we understand the importance of caring for your employees. We work with business leaders to understand the true cost of not treating employees well and all conclusions point to the fact within the temporary and contract recruitment industry it's always better to retain than to replace. It can be challenging to find replacement contractors so we have built a service that gives contractors what they need so they are more inclined to stay longer in their roles.


Our contractor management Recruitment Solution is focused on excellent contractor care. We help organisations build personal recruitment processes taking time to understand their goals and what is important in their lives. It's about finding the time for regular communication and especially providing feedback at all times. Contractor care is about providing a complete service with clear and reliable processes from payroll to timesheet requirements and any logistics.


We want our clients to find the most success and we do this by delivering high-quality staffing talent. For continued success, we believe in the importance of contractor care principles that will help retain and onboard new skilled talent. Focussing on the happiness of your contractors by providing the support services they need, will build lasting relationships and effective teams.

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Contractor Care Service Breakdown

1. Face to Face Consultancy:

Providing face-to-face consultancy is a crucial element of your contractor care services. This involves personalized interactions with contractors, either in person or through virtual meetings. These consultations aim to understand the unique needs and requirements of each contractor, fostering a strong and collaborative working relationship. Face-to-face consultancy helps in addressing concerns, providing guidance, and ensuring that contractors feel supported throughout their engagement.

2. Contract Negotiations:

Successful contract negotiations are essential for establishing clear expectations and terms between the contracting parties. Your services may involve skilled professionals who specialize in negotiating contracts to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions. This includes defining project scopes, deliverables, timelines, and other pertinent details to create a solid foundation for a successful contractor-client partnership.

3. Onboarding:

A seamless onboarding process is crucial for contractors to integrate smoothly into a project or organization. Your contractor care services may encompass comprehensive onboarding procedures, including orientation sessions, access to necessary tools and resources, and guidance on company policies and procedures. Effectively onboarding contractors helps in minimizing potential challenges and ensures that they can contribute productively from the start.

4. Pay Negotiations:

Negotiating fair and competitive compensation is a key aspect of contractor care services. This involves understanding market rates, assessing the contractor's skills and experience, and aligning compensation with industry standards. Your services may include providing guidance on pay structures, bonuses, and other incentives to attract and retain top talent while ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the contractor and the client.

5. Payroll, Taxes, Benefit Management:

Managing payroll, taxes, and benefits is a critical component of contractor care. This includes handling all financial aspects related to the contractor's engagement, such as timely and accurate payroll processing, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and managing benefits packages. Your services may involve providing expert advice on tax implications, facilitating the administration of benefits like health insurance or retirement plans, and handling any financial inquiries or concerns that contractors may have.

Our Contractor Care Approach

Contractor care is an approach that is focused on boosting contractor happiness and satisfaction. Showing care for your contractors increases loyalty, work quality, and overall business success.

Contractor care involves a company's efforts to support its external contractors, fostering positive relationships, setting clear expectations, ensuring fair compensation, and maintaining open communication. The concept is about caring more and building closer relationships to explore the goals of your contractors.

Integrated with your business, our team will work with multiple contractors. We bring your contractors together into a centralised management structure fostering a more productive partnership. 

Across our entire business network, we have experience working with 1000s of contingent workers where we have managed their contracts from the onboarding process.

Premier Contractor Care

Skilled Talent

We have over 10 years of experience across the Technology, Engineering, Finance, and Creative Media industries where we can help you build the workforce best suited to your needs.


Ongoing Support

Our contractor care management team is available to provide all the support your business requires to get the most our of your contingent workforce.


Full Legal Compliance

With our years of experience, we provide peace of mind when it comes to legal compliance and any business requirements. We ensure you and your contractors are fully compliant with HMRC and IR35 regulations.


Changes in IR35

Due to changes to IR35 and legislation, Premier Group will onboard, manage, and payroll any direct contractors you, as a client, have onsite. By engaging Premier to manage your contractor workforce, we undertake full compliance checks prior to the candidate getting onsite as well as offering them access to discounted umbrella and insurance services.

Contractor Care Umbrella Service

Our Contractor Care Umbrella Services offers businesses and organizations a comprehensive solution for managing their contingent workforce.

This service involves overseeing the well-being and administrative aspects of contractors, ensuring compliance with regulations, payroll management, and addressing any concerns.

Through our contractor care umbrella service, we act as a supportive intermediary, handling the complexities of contractor engagement. This Type of Recruitment includes timely payments, legal compliance, and ongoing communication to foster a positive working relationship between the client and contractors.

Such services not only streamline operations but also enhance the overall satisfaction and productivity of the contractor workforce.

Contractor Management Outsourcing

We provide a contractor management outsourcing (CMO) service that places the individual contractor at the heart from the onboarding process right through to their in-role management through our contractor care principles. We allow you full peace of mind that all legalities are covered in all aspects by managing all requirements of your contingency workforce.


Working with Premier Group will speed up your business functions by allowing us to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing compliance requirements and setting up payment systems. Your business can connect with contractors quickly allowing our specialist contractor management consultants to take care of everything.


By outsourcing responsibilities, our contractor management team can be deployed to work for your business. We work in any way that best suits your operation. We understand all businesses are different and offer the option to build a tailored product for your needs. We focus on simplifying the process for clients and contractors to provide a stress-free environment. We want our contractors to focus on their roles without worrying about payroll or payment problems. We can assure clients and workers have confidence and trust.