With businesses now operating in a high-tech, internet focused world, digital marketing strategies and trends are changing in order to keep up with the pace in which technologies are evolving. 

Here are just some of the trends within digital marketing right now that companies will need to take into consideration when making business decisions:


1.  Artificial Intelligence 

According to Techgrabyte, AI is now one of the biggest opportunities commercially for businesses, and companies that do not get on board now will put themselves at a disadvantage to their competitors. From a marketing point of view, AI can give marketers deeper insights into consumers and potential clients, helping to really tailor online campaigns and target the right people and industries. 

2.  Personalisation

Personalised products and experiences are essential in today’s advertising world, and there’s no surprise that advertising and marketing campaigns tailored to the consumer’s wants and needs have a much better success rate. An example from the recruitment industry would be an email marketing campaign that sends tailored ‘Jobs for You’, relevant to the recipient’s job history, along with some blog posts and articles also related to their industry. The potential candidate is more likely to interact with the agency in this circumstance.

3.  Voice Search

Having a website optimised for voice search will also become more popular as a new way of interacting with your consumers. It is important to include long-tail keywords to ensure higher conversion rates on voice searches. With voice search becoming increasingly popular on mobile, it is essential to have a mobile optimised website (you’d be crazy not to anyway!) in order to reap the benefits.

4.  Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the process of adding digital elements into a user’s real-world environment, and businesses are starting to adapt this technology into their advertising. An example of this is IKEA, who now allow you to see pieces of their furniture as a virtual object and view how they may look in a customer’s living space. AR is definitely one to look out for as its use in helping the customer experience will be become vital in company’s online business models.  

5.  Visual Search

This is a really cool concept in which consumers can upload an image to conduct a search online and it’s a great way of leading the customer to their ‘perfect product or service’. Unsurprisingly, retail brands are leading the trend in applying visual search tools to their websites to really enhance the customer experience online.


Technology is always changing and evolving, so we’re sure they’ll be even more tech making their debuts very soon that businesses can adapt into their digital models!

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