Matt Mutters, Team Manager talks about his experience in leaving another recruitment company and joining Premier Group.


Summarise your experience working with other agencies compared with your time at Premier Group?

Prior to starting Premier, I had worked at 3 different recruitment firms, all very different in terms of what they were offering and how they worked. One was small, one was global and one was in-between! They gave me a great insight and taste for what else was out there and a very clear picture of what I really wanted from recruitment. Although I saw varying level of success from these companies, I always felt there were parts missing and I was never fulfilled so I started my search again and explored a lot of opportunities before deciding on Premier and approaching 12 years, I’m still here! 


What was lacking in your previous position?

The first company I started with offered very little in the way of training and direction which ultimately made me leave for a bigger company that had a much better support structure and thorough training. I spent 1.5 years at the second company soaking up as much training as possible, getting promoted in the process and really getting to grips with the recruitment world. Unfortunately, the companies commission structure wouldn’t allow me to reach the levels I wanted.


As a result of the lack of commission possibilities I joined a company offering a better commission structure, a good level of training and what I was looking for (or so I thought). After a few months I started to realise the market sector they worked in was too specific and we were struggling as a business. I wasn’t driven very hard in terms of KPIs which I came to later realise I needed to fully perform to my best. They continued to struggle after I left and ended up closing.


What can Premier Group offer a candidate coming in with experience?

Joining another company with experience was a concern as I would be essentially starting again so needed to know there was scope for progression and quickly! Premier offered exactly that – a clear progression path which is achievable to everyone for simply hitting their targets, not a case of waiting for spaces to open up like I’d seen at previous companies. The company record of growth particularly interested me, especially when I was to learn that all senior staff and management in the business started at the level I would be. Having a great name in the market and operating for almost 20 years gives new consultants a chance to operate on really warm desks from day 1 which is always a plus point in sales! Experienced consultants can expect great career opportunities, a chance to build their own teams, divisions, even offices and become a shareholder. 


What could a consultant expect to earn within 2-3 years?

£60-120k per year


Why do you think Premier is better than its competitors?

Before joining Premier, I interviewed at many companies all of which had their own qualities and were good in certain areas, however I found that Premier were great in all areas that I was looking for which included:

Commission – when I joined it was the best around with an incredibly low threshold and paying uncapped commission up to 25%. This has now improved, and we pay up to 40% uncapped!

Progression – the company size and ambition matched my aspirations and allowed me to see a clear path for future growth.

Incentives – all sales companies offer incentives, but I had never seen such a list of different amazing things that Premier had on offer.

Training – although I had experience, I still wanted to grow and build upon what I had already learnt. Premier were offering a very thorough training scheme that blew all the others out the water.

Working environment – a key reason for Premier’s growth and success every single year is down to the hard-working attitude which was evident from the moment I walked through the door. Due to the hard work required Premier recognise the importance of making the environment fun and rewarding to give something back for all the hard work.

Tools available – Premier are great at investing in all the latest tech to keep us ahead of the competition and to make the consultants be as efficient as possible resulting in more commission!


How did you personally find the move, and would you recommend it to others coming through in a similar position?

The move to Premier was an easy one as it allowed me to utilise the experience I had already gained but add a load more! I had heard stories of the money available in recruitment but didn’t really believe it until I joined Premier and witnessed it first-hand. For any experienced consultants looking to build a career and earn some serious money in the process then I would fully recommend Premier to anyone.  

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