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Our Premier Finance brand offers clients and candidates a complete recruitment agency service for permanent, contract and temporary roles in Finance at all levels from senior placements down to junior level assistants.

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Premier Finance?

We are a dedicated finance recruitment agency with a large network of contacts across a wide range of businesses and organisations operating within the finance sector. Our Finance recruiters work closely with clients to understand company recruitment needs. We help clients find the right candidates for positions they are trying to fill. Our aim is to focus on long-term career goals for candidates to find business opportunities where they can grow and develop. We work with companies in Banking, Insurance, investment, and accounting. We also fill roles in finance departments outside the finance sector. What sets Premier Finance apart from other recruitment agencies is our tailored client management approach.

Finance Job Opportunities

View our current selection of live finance roles on our recruitment agency job board. We have a range of opportunities with organisations across the UK and our specialist finance recruitment consultants are ready to help you find the right role for candidates. Premier Finance covers two key verticals in finance which are Accounting & Finance, and Banking & Hedge Funds. We are working with some of the biggest corporate financial brands with new opportunities published daily.

Finance Jobs

Accounting and Finance

Banking and Financial Services

Experienced Finance Recruitment Consultants

Our recruitment consultants have a strong understanding of the finance industry. We want to be able to connect with our candidates with mutual respect and understanding because we appreciate that candidates need to confidently feel they are understood. As a recruitment agency with a long history in finance, we can offer a reliable service to candidates looking for work in the sector. Having a strong background knowledge in finance also means we can support our clients in developing effective job role requirements and necessary skills and personalities. This helps build relationships with candidates building on the specific requirement and circumstances to find the most relevant opportunities to build long lasting careers in finance. Through our network, we maintain relationships that allow us to reach out to passive job seekers to promote new opportunities.


Industry Experts

We work with highly regarded businesses in finance, and in return we offer a highly skilled team of finance experts in our recruitment teams across accounting, corporate banking and hedge fund verticals. We believe success comes from having both experience and passion and this is something that our finance consultants have equally and in abundance. We continued to push the boundaries by growing the expertise of our consultants enabling Premier Finance to provide the support needed by candidates and organisations.

Discovering Skilled Finance Talent

Finance is a highly competitive job market and through our recruitment agency network we are continually building relationships with the highly skilled talent across the UK. Our objective is to simplify the recruitment process for our clients. We are able to do this through our candidate sourcing process made effective because of our extensive source of skills and high quality candidates. Our recruitment consultants spend hours communicating and building relationships with senior and junior candidates. We prepare them for the most suitables roles our clients are offering, allowing us to always have the right candidates available.

Dedicated Finance Sector Approach

Our teams are focused on providing the best finance and financial services recruitment support for our candidates and clients. Our dedicated service means our recruitment consultants are able to spend 100% of their time working only on finance roles. We are continually learning more about the intricacies of the finance industry staying ahead of all advancements and changes. The finance industry is a major contributor to the UK economy and with all the regulatory requirements, we provide a consistently reliable service when supporting throughout the hiring process so our clients can focus on their business.

Financial Services Recruitment Specialists

Within finance, our financial services recruitment team supports clients across a range of economic services such as banks, investment funds, stock brokerages insurance companies and much more. Our team of talented individuals specialises in all levels of seniority from junior roles right the way through to senior appointments. For candidates looking to grow their career in financial services, our recruitment consultants can offer the best support in discovering the right type of role suited to their individual skills and experience. Part of our service to our clients is to find suitable candidates who not only have the required skills, but also have the character and personalities to excel in. As specialists in Financial services recruitment, we work with our candidates to help develop their interpersonal skills to enable them to meet the requirements of our clients. Premier Finance is a trusted recruitment agency under the Premier Group and we continue to meet the demands of the financial services recruitment industry.


Corporate Finance Job Opportunities

Within our corporate finance division, our recruitment consultants cover a range of key finance positions that involve key financial decision making with each sharing similar responsibilities around the management of business financial resources. Each of our corporate finance roles include elements of financial forecasting, risk management, management of resources and capital structure. Our consultants work with candidates possessing strong problem-solving analytical skills that will enable them to find success and joy in our roles. Investment Banking is an example of the type of corporate roles we work with that looks at raising capital and providing business sport for large-scale financial transactions.


Financial Accounting Recruitment

We have a team of accounting recruitment consultants who work across a range of accounting disciplines across the UK. We cover roles from financial data analysis, transactional accounting, accounting reporting for senior leadership positions. The accounting industry plays an important role in the UK economy ensuring that businesses are able to effectively manage their financial affairs, those of their partners and other organisations they work with. Organisations with a solid control on accounting and finance can give themselves the best chance of delivering economic growth through business stability, and supporting the UK economy. We work with accounting roles that focus on critical areas such as compliance and accounting regulations. Within our accounting recruitment team we cover both qualified by experience (QBE) accounting and qualified accounting roles. We are not limited with our research in the accounting industry and we are able to offer candidates opportunities from the preparation of financial statements to accounting services for professionals with specific qualifications and in accounting such as Certified Public Accountants.



We have helped accounting professionals gain experience, and we continue to provide opportunities for AAT-qualified accountants and chartered accountants with ACCA, ACA, and CIMA qualifications. Our accounting & finance recruiters can help qualified accounting professionals find relevant roles that match their qualifications and experience. Through our growing finance network, we support highly skilled accounting individuals with approved certifications such as Certified Management Accountants (CMA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and Chartered Accountants (CA). With responsibilities across auditing and financial analysis, we can help discover roles across a wide range of industries.


We work with a number of Tax accounting roles that focus on the tax laws and regulations to keep companies compliant while supporting the growth of business through efficient taxation. We work with professional accountants with strong analytical skills with a keen interest in UK taxation. We are a finance recruitment agency built by accounting consultants with a strong understanding of the tax laws and related business regulations in the UK. This allows Premier Finance to effectively communicate with accounting professionals in the market and across our network.


We can support on all levels within treasury recruitment services. Over time our recruitment agency has built a large client base with opportunities for treasury professionals required to manage all important financial assets within their treasury departments. Typically senior roles with finance departments, responsibilities include current and future cash flow management and forecasting, management of investments and securities and risk management to protect the business against any financial issues that might affect business health and profitability.

Corporate Banking Financial Recruitment

Being part of the Premier Group, our corporate banking recruitment division has access to high demand opportunities with corporates providing financial services for a variety of exciting clients. Relationship management is a key focus in this sector providing financial advice and solutions. We support our clients on a range of roles including portfolio management, risk management and business development. Each requires strong financial acumen and expertise in financial products and services as well as the more traditional communication skills necessary for managing important corporate business relationships.


Director of Finance and Operations (DFO)

We support organisations with senior executive finance recruitment covering roles that have the responsibility of leading entire finance departments and their respective teams. DFO responsibilities are evenly split between Finance duties including financial planning, budgeting, and accounting, as well as operational functions with information technology, human resources, and facilities management. Organisations seek recruitment agencies capable of discovering senior professionals in a competitive market. Our finance recruiters are continually connecting seasoned highly qualified professionals with a diverse mix of opportunities from our client base.

Investment Banking

Under the umbrella of corporate finance recruitment, we recruit in the highly competitive investment banking space. Our recruitment consultants have years of experience in the finance sector working with top finance organisations and investment banks in the UK. We work with junior and senior professionals with the necessary accounting and analytical skills required in Investment banking. We work across a range of varied roles within the investment banking space that provide a wide range of services from selling securities to the management of initial public offerings (IPOs), and providing advice for financial transactions.

Investment Management

We offer a blend of unrivaled expertise in sourcing talent with an abundance of finance knowledge. As part of the global Premier Group, we work with global clients from private banks, wealth businesses, and asset management businesses on recruitment and talent acquisition. Our consultants work across various sectors including traditional retail, fintech businesses, institutional finance, and wealth business operating around the world.

Client Projects

We are a highly skilled financial recruitment agency with years of experience working closely with clients across different financial sectors. Through our recruitment solutions, we assist with our clients growth through expert talent acquisition and with a thorough labour force recruitment process. Our finance recruitment consultants provide direct support and function as fully integrated resourcing for our clients allowing us to guarantee top results.


The Team

Each individual in our team brings a certain quality that enables us to work completely collaboratively. With a genuine interest in the industry, our consultants have the freedom to really understand their core markets through organising and attending industry events, getting to know their candidates, and building great relationships with their clients.

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