Employer Brand and EVP is a topic that’s been thrown around for a number of years but is now something that each and every company needs to be taking very seriously in order to attract the best talent in the market. We’re seeing, that whilst salary is still an important factor in a candidate’s decision to join a company, employer brand and the company offering across benefits, culture and personal development are even more important. With all this in mind, the first big question some of you might be asking is:


What is EVP/Employer Brand:

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a term used to describe the blend of factors, principles and offerings that create the appeal of working for an organisation. Every company strives to create a proposition that helps it stand out in the market but at the same time also reaffirm and build on its strengths with current employees. Essentially, companies review and develop their EVP and employer brand in order to understand what makes them great and sets them apart from other companies and essentially why more people should join them. From the information gained by current employees as to why they love where they work, companies can put together content that really showcases their business to the external market enabling them to continue attracting fantastic talent whilst at the same time, continue to engage with their current workforce and create a really strong “people” brand.


Why is this important?

Having a strong employer brand is a great way of becoming an employer of choice, which, in such a competitive market will drastically increase your chances of landing top talent. We all know how frustrating it can be when you lose out to hiring that brilliant candidate because they’ve decided to go with the “other” company and by defining and promoting your EVP & brand, you can really decrease the chances of this happening!  There are lots of stats available that show why a strong EVP and brand is important but I think a key one is that 69% of candidates are more likely to apply to a company if they’re seen to be actively managing their employer brand. This is a huge uplift in the number of candidate applications, and considering every company want talent to be queuing up to join them, getting this right will be hugely beneficial in the long run.  Not to labour the point, but it’s super competitive out there with the majority of companies fighting to find the same talent so getting your EVP/employer brand defined and promoted will really give you the edge over your competitors.

What’s next?

First things first- start talking about it within your business! Most companies have a set of values and your EVP/brand can be built or defined around these but you need to start the initial conversation internally. Define what you actually want to achieve and involve your current employees in getting there- your best advocates are the people that currently work there so it’s important to get their insights into why it’s great to work in your business!


We can help! 

The recruitment agency landscape is rapidly changing and here at Premier we’re offering more and more added value products to help our clients attract and retain the best talent. We’re utilising our excellent marketing team and partnering with a number of clients to help them define and promote their EVP and brand to the market through candidate brochures, events, creative advertising and much more. Considering the reach we have in the market and the number of candidates we speak to on a daily basis, having us as a partner to promote your brand is an excellent way to make sure the industry is talking about you and why they should join your business! We’re already seeing a positive impact on both the number of applicants, but also increased levels of retention based on the candidates being so bought into the brand and company.

If you want to explore this option further, or hear more about our other products, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us - hello@pg-rec.com

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