?Happy International Women’s Day! Talking about gender diversity in 2020 may seem redundant, but in some workplaces, women are still underrepresented. Having a balanced, diverse workforce is so important and here are just a few reasons why:


1.   Different Skills & Perspectives

By having a diverse workforce, you’ll automatically have a whole host of viewpoints and skills across your employees. These different perspectives will spark new innovations and creativity which can lead to exciting opportunities within your business. The wide range of skills between both men and women can only be a winning formula!


2.   Collaboration

Women are traditionally known to have great listening skills which aids in group discussion, bringing teams together when brainstorming ideas or conducting employee meetings. Having both women and men in teams together encourages collaboration helping to get the most out of everyone’s knowledge and skills.


3.   Boost Your Brand’s Reputation

Having a diverse business is great for boosting your brand’s reputation! Throughout the recruitment process, more and more people are choosing a company based on having a brilliant company culture, but also diversity in the workplace.


4.   Customer Communication

In most businesses, you’ll have a customer base from different backgrounds. Having both women and men as prominent figures in the company will ensure effective communication and engagement with customers and clients, really helping you to stand out from competitors!


5.  Positivity

Having gender diverse policies in place can boost the positivity and overall atmosphere of an office! It becomes a space in which individuals can communicate their ambitions resulting in job satisfaction and an increase in motivation.


At Premier, we pride ourselves on having a very diverse workforce, whether that's gender, race or ethnicity - this diversity truly makes Premier a fantastic place to work! Is your business doing everything it can to encourage workplace diversity? We hope everyone enjoys the International Women’s Day celebrations this weekend!

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