MSP Recruitment Solutions (Managed Service Provider)

Premier Group can manage the end-to-end recruitment need for your temporary staff.

What is MSP Recruitment?

Our MSP Recruitment Solution specializes in providing staffing and workforce solutions to businesses. We offer a range of services related to talent acquisition through to management working between clients and talent sources.

MSP recruitment can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and access to a broader talent pool. These benefits make it a valuable option for organizations that want to manage their workforce more effectively and focus on their core business objectives.

Our primary goal is to streamline and optimize the recruitment process for our clients.

Our MSP recruitment consultants source the best candidates on our network. We provide temporary workers, contractors, freelancers, and consultants to our clients. 

We manage the entire contingent staffing lifecycle from requisition through to invoicing and payment. As recruitment specialists, we take responsibility for finding the right contingent candidates providing full workforce planning.

Many businesses today are finding it hard to fill skilled roles leading them to turn to temporary hiring solutions to fill empty roles. Clients can achieve cost savings and reduce risk by handing over resourcing and talent acquisition requirements to an MSP.

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MSP Services Overview

We offer MSP recruitment primarily to large organizations with complex staffing needs, as well as companies that require a flexible and scalable workforce.

We can help clients better manage their contingent workforce, and improve compliance. This is a Type of Recruitment that can save lots of time and money in the recruitment and staffing process.

Vendor Management: Our MSP service manages and oversees multiple staffing sources, consolidating the hiring process and creating a centralized point of contact for their clients.

Talent Sourcing: We source and identify candidates for various positions by working with multiple staffing agencies, job boards, and other talent sources.

Recruitment Process Optimization: Our MSP service analyzes and improves the recruitment and hiring processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective for their clients.

Compliance and Governance: They ensure that all staffing agencies and contractors comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the client's specific policies and procedures.

Rate Negotiation: We negotiate and manage contract and compensation terms with staffing agencies, helping clients secure competitive rates.

Technology and Tools: MSPs may provide technology platforms and tools that streamline the recruitment and workforce management process, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and vendor management systems (VMS).

Reporting and Analytics: They offer reporting and analytics to help clients make data-driven decisions regarding their workforce, including cost analysis, performance metrics, and other relevant data.

Talent Pool Management: MSPs often maintain a pool of pre-vetted candidates, making it easier and faster to fill positions as needed.

Onboarding and Offboarding: They handle the onboarding and offboarding processes for temporary or contract workers, ensuring a smooth transition into and out of the client's organization.

Quality Assurance: MSPs monitor and assess the quality of candidates and services provided by staffing agencies, ensuring that clients receive the best talent available.

Cost Reduction: One of the primary benefits of using an MSP in recruitment is cost reduction, as they help streamline processes, reduce overhead, and negotiate more favorable terms with staffing agencies.

Managed Service Programme (MSP) Vs Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Managed Service Programme (MSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) are related terms but refer to different aspects of a broader concept in the context of workforce and talent management. 

Managed Service Programme (MSP)

MSP, in this context, typically refers to a structured and comprehensive program designed to manage an organization's contingent workforce or staffing needs effectively. It's a strategic approach to workforce management.

MSP programs are often implemented by large organizations to manage their temporary or contingent workforce, including contract workers, freelancers, and other non-permanent staff.

These programs involve various elements, such as vendor management, compliance management, talent sourcing, cost control, and process optimization.

An MSP program can be managed internally by an organization or outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for more effective implementation.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In the context of workforce and talent management, an MSP is an external organization or company that specializes in providing services related to managing an organization's contingent workforce.

As an MSP Premier Group acts as intermediaries between our clients (usually large organizations) and various staffing agencies, independent contractors, and talent sources.

We offer services such as talent sourcing, vendor management, recruitment process optimization, compliance management, and cost reduction to help their clients effectively manage their contingent workforce.

Our MSP service also provides technology solutions (vendor management systems) to streamline the process and provide reporting and analytics.


MSP Recruitment Specialists

Working with Premier Groups MSP Solution can offer your organisation a number of benefits including increased compliance. Recruitment compliance itself is a critical element of contingency recruitment that is often an additional worry for businesses and organisations to manage.

Our MSP solution has several advantages for clients that can streamline essential tasks. We can take the lead on all legislative requirements and allow you to confidently focus on your own business requirements.

As MSP recruitment specialists, we stay well informed and ensure that our processes and consultants remain up to date with the changing requirements in law. It is critical that mistakes that can be costly in the long run are avoided. 

Our MSP operates with many vendors greatly increasing fill rates for businesses which is hugely advantageous for businesses with needs with large vacant roles. We operate a vendor-neutral approach to maximise candidate sourcing opportunities for our clients.

MSP with Vendor Management System Support

Our MSP services are combined with a Vendor Management System (VMS) to make the entire candidate discovery, selection, and invoicing process easier and far more efficient. With the VMS, we are using modern technology to boost the growth and productivity of our clients. Your HR department spends less time on staffing and recruitment demands while the MPS solution receives requirements through the VMS.


Understanding the impact of recent reforms such as with the new standards of IR35 can ensure that a business remains compliant. We take responsibility for the education and support for any future changes that might impact your contingent workforce.